Huana has been collaborating with more than 30 global 500 companies for years.

We always focus on designing and manufacturing large molds and precision molds with rich experience.




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Vacuum cleaner base

Conduct comprehensive and detailed simulation analysis on mold manufacturing and assembly, application of new materials and product production process, assist customers in product design, help customers design defects and reduce the risk of batch scrapping.

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Product introduction

Core Advantages

Scale advantage

  • +Tooling workshop occupies 4000 square meters and there are 2 six-day shifts working arrangement to ensure project timing.
  • +Over 350 workers, 8 groups of fitters, 80% of workers with over 5 year experience.
  • +Systematic and scientific production abilities in each process
  • +Capacities: 35-40 sets of mold.

Quality advantage

  • +Dust-free workshop is set up for medical and optics products on purpose.
  • +To verify the molds by dimension measuring, performance testing, function testing and assembly of molds parts
  • +Scientific research on temperature, flow, pressure and cooling situation to stabilize production process
  • +Molds testing center and products testing center are set up respectively. Equipped with large size and medium size CMM, two dimension projector
  • +Production and machine running are strictly in compliance with ISO9001 and IAT quality control system to improve quality.

Technical advantages

  • +Signed an R & D cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University to conduct comprehensive and detailed simulation analysis on mold manufacturing, assembly, application of new materials and product production process.
  • +25 strong design team, more than 80% 8 years of senior design experience
  • +2 model flow analysis engineers, including 1 silver model flow analysis Designer
  • +Full 3D and UG software design
  • +Provide product feasibility analysis report and mold flow analysis report

Service advantage

  • +The shortest recording time is 10 days for sampling and 30 days for delivery
  • +Each customer has fixed English, Japanese and other professional customer service and project management personnel, and strict project management and control ability
  • +The products are packed in strict accordance with the requirements for transportation and arrive all over the world by sea, land and air
  • +There are service centers in Asia, Europe and North America