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Suzhou Huana was founded in Suzhou since 2008. After 12 years of efforts, we have accumulated rich experience in injection tools design and manufacture, providing excellent solutions for injection and customer end product manufacture. Now, we have 3 business units—Huana tooling, Huana technology and plastic injection. Of course, professional and excellent management teams are set up respectively for our customers’ satisfaction and great service.

Huana Tooling

Adhering to always keep advanced mold design concept, Huana not only applies high-tech design and analysis software such as UG, AutoCAD and MoldFlow, but also chooses to cooperate with Shanghai Jiaotong University by signing mold research and design agreement. We will work together in mold manufacture and fit, all aspect of detailed new material application and production moldflow analysis to help customers design. Its aim is to avoid design defects and reduce the risk of mass production scrap rate. High precision CNC, low speed EDW, EDM, working range up to 2100mm CMM, Quick Jet and KAFO gantry CNC machine, 200 tons mold fit machine, 30 tons turnover mold machine and a series of high precision high efficiency manufacture and test machine are invested to build high quality tooling. We are capable of to finish up to 30 tons molds manufacture and fit or the requirement of accuracy up to 5μm.

We will assign a project manager in every project to control delivery. Each timing, each production process and each important project milestone are strictly required to be under our control. After sale centers are also set up in North America and Europe.

Huana Technology

In 2017, after 5 years stable running, our injection business division was upgraded to Suzhou Huana Technology Co., LTD. Based on our strong mold strength, Huana Technology mainly focuses on automation and high - tech injection molding technology. To provide customers with a full range of injection molding products and solutions, Huana Technology has already mastered high injection technology including multi-cavity mold, 2K and overmolding , automatic insert molding. We also carried out large-scale automation upgrade on injection production line. At present, more than 80% of injection machines are equipped with five-axis manipulator, and some projects have realized six-axis Robot automation all - day production, which srongly ensures high quality delivery on time. Huana Technology has passed the ISO9001, IATF16949 certification, owning a comprehensive, rigorous quality management system, Which ensures that every batch of products to our customers are under strict quality control.

Vitasky Sports

With continuous improvement of mold technology and injection capacity, Suzhou Huana has been able to provide a full range of injection product solutions. In 2017, Vitasky Sports (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was set up, which is committed to producing high-end sports equipments for international famous sports brands. We actively explore to realize the new technology such as three-materials injection in one time for swimming goggles, anti - fog automatic production process for high-end goggles.

The era always keeps going forward and Huana will follow up the peace with technology change and enhance our technology advantages. We will also keep exploring and researching new tech and application of new material, improving our management. Our sole aim is to provide high quality products and service for customers in any field.



  • 2008.1

    Huana tooling set up

  • 2012.1

    Injection business uit set up

  • 2013.1

    Get TS16949 certification

  • 2017.5

    Huana technology set up

  • 2017.11

    Vitasky Sports set up

  • 2021.3

    Moved to new plant site