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Germany WAFA—partner of worldwide famous auto brands

TIME: 2020-08-17

As a well-known company in plastic field, Germany WAFA is a professional supplier which provides auto interior and exterior decoration parts for Benz and BMW. WAFA has developed advanced surface treatment technology and become a partner of worldwide famous auto brands. Over these years, it provides customized products and systematic solution of plastic production and surface treatment to high end customers.

  Suzhou Huana started to build auto interior and exterior decoration parts molds for WAFA since 2015 such as Benz bumper decoration strip, glove box, BMW high end and low end grille, plating strip. Due to strictly requirements, all the molds should be built in compliance with Germany design standard. And the engineers of customer are invited to have further design and technology discussion. After years of cooperation, we have completely mastered customer’s design requirement and keep seeking for better improvement to enrich our experience. Our aim is to optimize product design, reduce the risk of mass production and improve production efficiency for customers by mold design.