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Huana announces 3D printing services for injection mold design

TIME: 2020-07-09

  Avante technology, an advanced developer of 3D printing materials and technologies, has announced the launch of a new & ldquo; Mold Now” Design and printing services.

  All molds produced through this service will be manufactured using Avante's own services. The company believes that by providing this service, it can provide customers with everything they need, whether plastic injection molds, compression molds or vacuum molds. Here, the company also promises that all types of molds will be able to provide the highest quality production parts.

  "3D printing injection molds reduce costs and accelerate product time to market," said Robert zollo, President of Avante technology“ The opportunity to deliver the first batch of parts at the speed of millions to months and save up to 90% of the cost has attracted more companies to evaluate 3D printing injection molds as part of the new product 'launch' strategy. "

  Avante's injection mold design is said to further improve cost-effectiveness. The company costs only $2500 and believes that its services also eliminate a lot of technical risks for manufacturers. It also aims to address many limitations. These involve the high cost of operating the industrial 3D printing platform; Mold quality that can be printed on an affordable open source printer, the number or lack of printable materials; And lack of knowledge to convert metal mold design into 3D printing optimized version.

  With its filaone gray injection mold parts, Avante believes it can solve these problems. High performance composites provide a mold cavity that can support dozens to more than 100 molding cycles, using a range of thermoplastics to produce high-quality parts. Filaone filaments can be printed on more affordable high-precision open source platforms, such as those provided by reprap, Airwolf and roboze in Germany.

  Avante provides design expertise for 3D printing molds. Users only need to provide CAD and. STL files, as well as any configuration requirements specific to injection molding machines. Avante's design services include preliminary tool design; 3D printing of prototype molds for testing; Any design revision required; And 3D printing of the final mold. The first prototype mold will be shipped within one week after customer approval.