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Resume work during Huana epidemic

TIME: 2020-07-09

  The Chinese New Year's novel coronavirus pneumonia has stopped all Chinese people at home. The young Huana employees failed to get to work on time at the beginning of seven. Ten of those who failed to wait for the first month of the month, and fifteen of the first month, were still unable to wait. As the situation of epidemic prevention and control gradually improved, the epidemic response team of the company made correct judgment and scientific planning for epidemic prevention and control. After submitting the 14th edition of the prevention and control work plan to the management committee, the government approved the request of Kos for partial resumption of work on February 13 on February 12. With the support of the company's strong, effective and feasible prevention and control measures, Huana began to organize employees to return to their posts in an orderly manner across regions, and the injection molding production order and delivery were gradually restored.