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Suzhou Huana has been serving Iris Group since 2011 and manufacturing plastic storage product tools

TIME: 2020-08-31

  Iris Group headquarter is in Japan and its business is not only engaged in LED lightning, household appliance, daily commodities, gardening and pet products but also responsible for design, manufacture and sales. It has its own chain stores for sales. In Japan, its sales of plastic storage, pet and garden products comes to the first place compared to the same products. There are also its subsidiaries in America, Europe and Korea besides in Japan and China. Its brand products can be found in any other chainstore over the world, and the market share of plastic products ranks in the top.

  Suzhou Huana is gradually engaged in household appliance mold, pet products mold and other fields since building plastic storage tools for Iris Group. Our molds have been delivered to the customers in Japan, America and other countries in Europe. We will remind us that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Quality, delivery and service also play an important role in the business relationship. Thanks for our customers’ trust over the ten years and keeping excellent relationship. That leads to our continuous business expansion.

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